Romain GERARDIN-FRESSE wins Emirates Finest Business Awards

 Romain GERARDIN-FRESSE wins Emirates Finest Business Awards

The renowned French lawyer and strategist received this prestigious award in Dubai last night. It recognizes the local community and expatriates who have particularly distinguished themselves in the United Arab Emirates over the past year.

The committee, which presented him with the “Outstanding European CEO Achiever of the Year” award, was keen to point out that his “exceptional leadership, strategic vision, and dedication to excellence have marked him as a standout CEO in the business landscape”.

The organisation added: “His ability to drive innovation, foster collaboration, and achieve remarkable success in the corporate world has set new standards for achievement.”

Chairman Adan Ali Mohammed Ali Alhammadi, linked to the Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship (FAIC), praised “His commitment to driving positive change, fostering growth, and leading with integrity is truly commendable.”

Romain Gerardin-Fresse founded originally in 2017 a firm in France that shattered traditional standards, offering a global solution that combined law, strategy, financial management, and crisis management. This bold move paid off, propelling the firm’s expansion into the UK, New York, Dubai, and Singapore, solidifying their position as leaders in crisis management during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Beyond traditional legal consultancy, the firm evolved to manage sports and acting careers, becoming a multifunctional tool for clients’ daily challenges. Romain’s commitment to providing holistic support transformed his firm into a dynamic force in the industry.

A resident of the Emirates for several years, he moved there permanently in 2023 and relocated a significant part of his consultancy business there.

A fervent defender and promoter of the Emirates, he helps to raise their profile by highlighting their assets in an educational way to industrialists and entrepreneurs who have shown an attraction for the GCC.

Asked during the evening what drives him in his profession, the lawyer said that he finds joy in solving complex problems, describing it as mental gymnastics of strategic planning. The pleasure he derives from supporting and adapting projects to local obligations and macroeconomic analyses is a driving force in his efforts. Intelligence, he believes, lies in the art of adaptation and finding the best strategic mix for successful market penetration.

He pointed out that the United Arab Emirates is a real land of opportunity.

“This country, which celebrates its 52nd birthday on 2 December, is a veritable haven for entrepreneurs. It is home to the three ‘S’s that are vital to him: Safety, Stability and Sustainability.

I’m proud of this recognition, proud to be part of this incredible human and economic adventure.

The constant annual growth is the perfect demonstration of the international enthusiasm for the state and the visionary nature of the economic policy pursued by the current government.

Romain will be inaugurating SPARROW AND PARTNERS Legal Consultancy in a few days’ time, and is planning to open a new firm in Abu Dhabi in 2024.

He has undoubtedly become a true native of the country.

Recognised as one of Emirates Finest Awardees, Romain’s dedication acknowledges the impact of local entrepreneurs and expatriates making a remarkable difference.