Dubai Culture organises workshops on Emirati heritage next December

 Dubai Culture organises workshops on Emirati heritage next December

Dubai Culture and Arts Authority (Dubai Culture) is offering a rich programme of edutainment workshops during December through its School of Life initiative, which aims to develop the knowledge and capabilities of Dubai Public Library members, building their cultural and creative competencies while enhancing life skills.

The programme includes a variety of educational sessions presented in both Arabic and English, providing the opportunity to explore the aesthetics of Emirati heritage, uncover the secrets of the art of Al Talli, and engage in diverse challenges and activities.

Participants will also have the chance to wander through Al Fahidi Historical Neighbourhood, learn about photography techniques, and understand intellectual property rights, all while celebrating the 52nd Union Day.

The School of Life heritage agenda will feature a session on ‘Emirati Dialect’ presented by Maryam AlFarsi at the Al Twar Public Library, and overseen by Sakina Ghalam Al Balushi at the Al Mankhool Public Library. In this, participants will learn the differences between formal Arabic and the Emirati Arabic dialect. Meanwhile, Prof. Chadi El Tabbah will lead a workshop titled ‘The Beauty of Al Fahidi Historical Neighborhood’ at both Al Safa Art and Design Library and Al Mankhool Library, where participants will analyse, decompose, and uncover the mystery of the geometric pattern of Al Fahidi Historical Neighbourhood.

Meanwhile, the Book Club at Al Twar Public Library will present a session called ‘Tiny Tales’ overseen by Lamya Tawfik, whereby young readers will get a chance to experience storytelling. Dalia Abouelatta will present the ‘Meet With a Book’ workshop at Al Safa Art and Design Library, wherein there will be a guest who selects a book to discuss and present to the audience. Duaa Elkhalifa will host a series of ‘Wiki Club’ sessions in Arabic at the Al Mankhool Public Library, where participants will immerse themselves in the vast realm of Wikimedia Commons, discover high-quality images, videos, and audio clips, and comprehend the intricacies of Creative Commons licences.

Talli Club activities, held at Al Safa Art and Design Library, will contain innovative workshops highlighting the art of Al Talli, which Dubai successfully included in UNESCO’s list of intangible cultural heritage. Through these workshops, participants will be introduced to the details, arts, and importance of Al Talli, and trained in the basics of the craft, including shaping its pieces and manually switching threads, helping them create their designs. Um Azzan will oversee ‘The Beauty of Handmade Talli’ workshop at the Hatta Public Library. The Crochet Club activities, managed by Ekaterina Pogodina, will include interactive workshops at Al Safa Art and Design Library, teaching members the basics of crochet stitches such as the chain and the single crochet, among others.

The ‘School of Life’ programme will also feature ‘The Leader Bootcamp’ from 25 to 28 December at Al Safa Art and Design Library under the supervision of trainer Salman Almeshal. Through activities held in Hatta region and Mushrif Park, the bootcamp aims to develop participants’ life skills, motivate them to explore and face various challenges, and experience physical activities such as mountain climbing, walking in gardens, exploring the heritage village, and kayaking in the lake.

In celebration of the 52nd Union Day, Al Safa Art and Design Library will host diverse events on 3 December, aiming to strengthen the presence of heritage and establish national identity in the minds of future generations. The activities will highlight details of Emirati culture and some handicrafts, alongside Emirati food displays, henna art, a traditional market (Dkan), and a corner dedicated to local brands inspired by local heritage. Maryam Alobeidli, through her store, offers the opportunity to explore the essence of Emirati culture through unique posters and handbags, while ‘Tebra’ presents a variety of accessories. Additionally, ‘Stitch Art’ showcases a curated collection of abayas and dresses, and Cafe Peloton provides diverse options for healthy meals and coffee.