The Expand North Star 2023 exhibition showcases cutting-edge technology

 The Expand North Star 2023 exhibition showcases cutting-edge technology

Dubai, October 18, 2023 – The Expand North Star 2023 exhibition, a remarkable event showcasing cutting-edge technology with a distinct South Korean influence, just finished today in Dubai. This gathering is set to unite established South Korean companies and emerging enterprises, with a strong focus on mobile games and artificial intelligence, underlining the incredible strides made in these fields. The event spanned several days, featuring participation from over 1,000 investors from 70 countries who collectively manage assets worth a trillion US dollars, with the goal of fueling venture capital investments in burgeoning projects.

The exhibition has hosted a select group of companies that promise to offer a wide array of programs, humanitarian services, and technologies that bring hope and opportunities to millions across the globe.

Dubai’s North Star Expand Exhibition. A blend of iconic and emerging companies from South Korea – YouTube

Mand Robotic, one of the standout participants at the exhibition, has made remarkable strides in the field of artificial limbs, rekindling hope and joy for thousands who have suffered accidents resulting in limb loss. This innovative technology has been a beacon of hope for individuals who had been on the brink of losing faith in life.

The Expand North Star exhibition has also witnessed the introduction of innovative technologies from various South Korean companies, showcasing the remarkable strides made in AI and related fields.

Braindeck has unveiled high-quality AI technology in sound, allowing users to sing in any language after just a three-minute voice recording.

DeepBrain A.I. has presented a technology capable of transforming written text into video content in a mere five minutes. It can also turn any person into a virtual character capable of various online activities, including presenting programs in multiple languages.

HAEGIN Advanced Games Company, the creator of the globally successful “Play Together” game, is a mobile gaming company from Korea with a staggering 170 million downloads.

IGIS Limited has introduced advanced drone technology solutions and geographic information systems.

Pixel Ro has launched groundbreaking vision measurement applications, simplifying vision tests that can be conducted at home.

TmaxMetaverse has made 3D content creation accessible to ordinary users, eliminating the need for extensive software knowledge.

Tripbtoz announced its platform which revolutionized global travel through Web 3, connecting over 1.1 million users worldwide who share their journeys through more than 500,000 videos. All these companies eagerly anticipate showcasing their latest innovations at Expand North Star, highlighting South Korea’s relentless technological progress.