Russian artist Dasha Vong showcases her abstract paintings in Dubai

 Russian artist Dasha Vong showcases her abstract paintings in Dubai

After establishing herself in Russian noted artist Dasha Vong had recently exhibited her paintings in Dubai. The leading artist of abstract art held a solo exhibition of her paintings at Dusit Thani Dubai recently.

Speaking at length about this exhibition Vong stated, “Désextinction” is an abstract painting that tells a captivating story of the delicate balance between past and future and the profound impact of human actions on the natural world. It signifies revival. This painting, dedicated to our planet, touches on themes of both disappearance and rebirth. It features melting glaciers, vanishing species of animals, birds, and the migration of people, alongside abstract forms of life in the process of vanishing. Yet, amidst this portrayal of loss, the concept of revival—désextinction—plays a critical role. I aimed to convey this dual process: presence fading into absence and the nascent stirrings of rebirth. It depicts a person disappearing into the unknown with headphones, symbolizing the uncertainty of new beginnings. I am sure that this show will be a treat for the art lovers.”

Elaborating further about Swan Lake she says, “Swan Lake symbolizes duality and uncertainty with its two possible endings: a happy one and a sad one. The story of a young man who falls in love with a swan, who can only be turned into a human through true love, is a reflection of these themes. The black screen in the painting symbolizes uncertainty and features two ballet dancers, representing the dualism of human existence.”

Dasha Vong is a regular face at the art exhibitions and her paintings have been showcased in Russia and the UAE making her the much sort after artist.

For more information, call or email: +971553521445,, Instagram: @dasha_vong_art

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