Leading local and international businesses, organisations and educational institutions to establish offices at Expo City Dubai

 Leading local and international businesses, organisations and educational institutions to establish offices at Expo City Dubai

Aerial view of Expo 2020 Dubai – MEP00798

Leading local and international businesses, organisations and educational institutions, with a total of around 3,000 employees, will have established offices at Expo City Dubai by September, eager to make their home in the innovative business community that fosters creativity, connection and growth.

Anchor tenants and new businesses setting up their operations include DP World, Emirates Airline, Siemens Energy, Siemens Industrial, Terminus Group, Engie and Gratiya Consultancy, while former country pavilions from Expo 2020 Dubai will find new purpose, with the University of Wollongong Data Science, Discovery and Innovation Centre in the Australia Pavilion, FinGulf LLC in the Finland Pavilion and the China Pavilion continuing to support China-UAE relations and business development.

As an innovation ecosystem, Expo City Dubai provides a springboard for businesses to scale and grow, offering an enabling Free Zone environment and digital platforms to promote connections, encourage knowledge-sharing and facilitate funding. It supports cross-sector collaboration across areas such as creativity, education, innovation and mobility, with a shared commitment to sustainability permeating the entire community, reinforcing its position as a hub in the Dubai 2040 Urban Master Plan.

Manal AlBayat, Chief Engagement Officer, Expo City Dubai, said: “Organisations of all sizes, across a myriad of sectors and from all around the world are crucial to Expo City’s legacy plans and take forward Expo 2020 Dubai’s purpose to connect minds and create the future. We’re honoured to welcome such a diverse group of partners, and strive to connect and inspire these businesses, enabling them to thrive, and supporting their growth aspirations.”

Working together, Fortune 500 companies, entrepreneurs and SMEs, as well as government, academia and research institutions will drive the growth of Expo City and enhance Dubai’s position as a global centre of trade, supporting the Dubai Economic Agenda (D33) and the UAE’s wider development and diversification ambitions.

Expo City Dubai is easily accessible by metro and businesses will have access to its educational and cultural attractions, wellness facilities, entertainment and leisure options, as well as retail and dining options – all within a 15-minute walking or cycling distance.

Sir Tim Clark, President of Emirates Airline, said: “We are proud to contribute to Expo’s legacy at Expo City Dubai. Our Emirates Pavilion which wowed Expo visitors, is being transformed into a bespoke space for our Emirates Group Innovation and Emerging Technologies Centre. This will serve as a base for our innovation team, a venue for events, and also a space for global partners to collaborate with us on projects that will propel our vision for aviation and travel.”

Dietmar Siersdorfer, Managing Director Middle East and UAE, Siemens Energy, said: “Expo City Dubai is a world-leading example of sustainable infrastructure that demonstrates how innovation and technology can support communities and protect the environment. This space encompasses everything that a modern business environment should, with a strategic location, excellent infrastructure, facilities, and amenities. Expo City Dubai’s sustainability ethos aligns perfectly with our vision at Siemens Energy, to decarbonize the world’s energy systems, and we’re proud to be part of the business community here.”

Helmut von Struve, CEO of Siemens Industrial in the Middle East and the UAE, said: “We are delighted to announce the relocation of our Dubai headquarters to Expo City Dubai, one of the emirate’s most technologically advanced and sustainable districts. Expo City Dubai’s ecosystem is designed to cultivate innovation and offer a secure and comfortable living and working environment. As the Infrastructure Digitalisation Partner of Expo 2020 Dubai, Siemens is proud to have collaborated in the development of the city and now to have our offices in a prime global destination for numerous companies and residents.”

Victor Ai, Founder and CEO of Terminus Group, said: “Our shared ambition for developing sustainable, global innovation hubs is why Terminus Group chose to become an official premier partner of Expo 2020 Dubai and an anchor tenant within its legacy development – Expo City. As a key commercial tenant in this dynamic business district of the future, our international HQ and presence in the UAE is not only representative of a commitment to the region, it is core to our global strategy and development.”

Geert Bunkens, Vice President Transformation & Geographies AMEA and Vice President Finance AMEA, ENGIE, said: “At ENGIE, we’re proud to be part of Expo City Dubai’s vibrant and fast-paced business community, which fosters innovation and cooperation. The City’s smart, sustainable working environment is perfectly aligned with our commitment to delivering low-carbon energy solutions. We look forward to contributing to Expo City Dubai’s growth and success as it continues to evolve into a dynamic hub of commercial and social activity.”

Professor Patricia M. Davidson, UOW Vice-Chancellor and President, said: “The University of Wollongong has solidified its position as a distinguished centre for research and innovation collaboration in the Middle East and North Africa region. The Dubai Data Science, Discovery and Innovation Centre will enhance the University’s and Australia’s presence in the area, creating valuable opportunities for students, researchers, and industry to make a lasting impact. Launching the centre at Expo City Dubai reflects our belief that data science can revolutionise industries and improve lives in numerous ways, and that the most effective research is conducted collaboratively and collegially.”

Mika Puustinen, Manager of FinGulf LLC, said: “Sustainability and the circular economy were central to the Finland Pavilion’s purpose at Expo 2020 Dubai, and extending its life cycle into Expo City Dubai is a concrete example of our commitment to these principles. Under FinGulf, the pavilion and exhibition will continue to serve as a platform for building bridges between UAE and Finland as well as other Nordic countries, and sees us well-placed to contribute to the upcoming COP28.”

A spokesperson for the China Pavilion said: “A symbol of the friendship between China and the UAE, the China Pavilion has been preserved and set to become an important part of the Belt and Road Initiative. Retaining the original design, facilities and function, the China Pavilion will support the continued, high quality development of China-UAE economic and trade relations, and people-to-people connectivity, supporting Chinese enterprises looking to invest and do business in the UAE and serving as a hub for Chinese culture and storytelling through a variety of enriching events.”