Kalimat launches Mozah Al Maktoum’s book at Emirates Airline Literature Festival

 Kalimat launches Mozah Al Maktoum’s book at Emirates Airline Literature Festival

During the ongoing Emirates Airline Literature Festival, Kalimat Group launched the highly anticipated book by Sheikha Mozah bint Marwan Al Maktoum titled “When She Took To The Sky”. she took to the sky).

This new publication traces the journeys of female pilots around the world, celebrating those who have etched their names in the annals of aviation history and paved the way for other ambitious women.

Divided into four sections, the book discusses women’s early attempts to conquer the skies using balloons and primitive airplane models, emphasizing the daring and courage they demonstrated in s venturing into a new world of adventure, risk and exploration. It also highlights how they broke down the stereotypical barriers that prevented women from participating in one of the most amazing and unusual fields of the time.

The second section traces the stories of prominent women around the world who have broken records and accomplished exceptional feats in the field of aviation, inspiring girls and women around the world to become pilots. The third section highlights the participation of Arab women in aviation in all its specialties, chronicling the achievements of pioneering female aviators who left an inspiring legacy for future generations, thus proving the unlimited potential and energy of Arab women .

In the fourth section, Sheikha Mozah Al Maktoum introduces women who have traveled to space, asserting that aviation is the origin of women’s journey in exploring the world and beyond. The book, with its four inspiring sections, encourages children, young people, and especially girls, to believe in their dreams and strive to develop their skills and abilities.

Commenting on the book launch, Sheikha Mozah Al Maktoum said she was delighted to work with the Kalimat Group, highlighting the high professionalism of the team that supervised and promoted the book.

Sheikha Mozah said the aim of the book was not limited to documenting the achievements of women who broke through aviation barriers and ventured into space. It also strives to convey a strong message to Arab children and young people, especially girls: the limits of achievement are determined only by confidence in oneself and one’s potential, and history teaches us that nothing is impossible as long as one has will and determination.

Sheikha Mozah said: “This book embodies a personal dream. Since childhood, I wanted to be a pilot and explore the world from the highest point, to be in constant contact with the innovations of the creator and the beauty of God’s creations . In this book, I invite everyone who reads it to follow their dream. There are no impossible dreams, only dreams that we haven’t worked hard enough for. I hope my book will have a impact, not only on the dream of flying, but also on all ambitions, in all areas.

Mariam Al-Obeidli, Managing Director of Kalimat Group, said: “Kalimat Group is proud to launch the first edition of “When She Took To The Sky” by Sheikha Mozah Al Maktoum. This book marks important milestones in the historical journey women towards participation in unconventional fields. It is worth mentioning that the book illustrates the presence of women in the world of aviation since its beginnings, affirming that external circumstances are not an obstacle to the dreams of young people if the will is present.