Hebany Group takes part in Madrid Business Summit

 Hebany Group takes part in Madrid Business Summit

Gerardo Seeliger (Presidente Madrid Open City), Mireia Arroyo de la Parte (Institutional Affairs Manager & Government Relations GESTAMP), Javier Fernández-Lasquetty (Consejero de Hacienda, Economía y Empleo de la Comunidad de Madrid), Mabel, Juan Pedro Moreno (President of the Consejo Asesor de Transformación Digital de la Comunidad de Madrid)

Hebany Group, takes part in Madrid Business Summit which was held in Madrid on June 20. 

Mabel Hoyos, Director of Hebany Group was invited as a guest to take part in the summit which discussed bilateral between Israel and The United Arab Emirates.  

The main topic of discussion of this summit was opportunities for business collaboration in strategic and innovative areas of the future.

Speaking about this participation Mabel enthused, “We has extensive business experience between Spain and the Middle East in sectors such as food, health and precious metals and we are grateful for the opportunity given to businessmen to strengthen ties and discuss the progress potential of interregional collaboration.”

About Hebany

In 1958 Santiago Hoyos named a company Hebany for producing fashion lingerie.

Since 2007 Hebany has been managed by his daughter Mabel Hoyos. Because of her hard work and determination she made the company branch into 50 international markets from a base in Dubai.

In 2009, the company started producing sunflower oil in Vietnam. The company’s operations expanded into more fields such as Miami from 2011 and in Germany PharmaACT medical from 2015. From 2017, Hebany has owned a gold refinery in Spain and received from Abu Dhabi a licence for trading in precious metals.

Since 2020, it has being exporting medical equipment and biosecurity products to public and private sectors. Hebany continues to expand its portfolio of products and investments.