Emirates Transport conducted 13,555 school trips to Expo 2020 Dubai

 Emirates Transport conducted 13,555 school trips to Expo 2020 Dubai

Emirates Transport (ET) has announced that it conducted 3,051 transport services and 13,555 school bus trips to Expo 2020 Dubai for students from all government schools affiliated with the Emirates Schools Establishment (ESE).

Faryal Tawakul, Acting CEO of Emirates Transport, praised the performance of the work teams that carried out this undertaking with remarkable operational and organisational success, adding that Emirates Transport harnessed its vast transport capabilities and resources, along with other bodies and institutions in the country, to contribute to the success of Expo 2020 Dubai, and to provide the opportunity for the largest number of school students to visit and experience this global event, in cooperation and coordination with both ESE and the Expo 2020 Dubai management teams.

Tawakul stated that ET carried out these extensive transport operations without any accidents, which is a remarkable achievement in terms of safety standards and indicators that are at the top of ET’s priorities, and also reflects the excellent organisation and performance, in view of the size of those operations.

Tawakul said a substantial amount of work went into the preparation and planning to meet ET’s Expo commitments, such as ensuring buses are well maintained and serviced, and forming a designated team to manage and coordinate operations between all internal and external parties to ensure a smooth, efficient and safe transport process.

Furthermore, she added, ET placed a team at the Expo site to deal with any technical issues and provide maintenance and repair services when needed to keep the buses operational.