Dubai Chamber of Commerce unveils impact of ‘Give and Gain 2022’ initiative

 Dubai Chamber of Commerce unveils impact of ‘Give and Gain 2022’ initiative

Over 4,800 employee volunteers participated in Dubai Chamber of Commerce’s recently concluded “Give & Gain 2022” initiative.

Overall, volunteers dedicated 17,460 hours across projects benefitting more than 147,000 individuals, according to a statement on Friday. The month-long event is part of the Chamber’s ENGAGE Dubai corporate volunteering programme.

A total of 68 organisations, 42 corporate members and 26 community partners participated in 95 different volunteering activities.

More than 24,100 kilograms of humanitarian aid, including rice, stationery, and clothes, were donated, while 47,900 meals were given to those in need. More than 5,100 kilograms of e-waste and recyclable materials were collected, and more than 300 trees were planted.

Dr. Belaid Rettab, Senior Director of the Economic Research and Sustainable Business Development Sector at Dubai Chamber of Commerce, noted that this year’s campaign witnessed a strong turnout from the business community in Dubai, where participants demonstrated a stronger interest and commitment among businesses to engage in corporate volunteering efforts.

The annual volunteering initiative is an ideal platform for companies and their employees to implement and foster a culture of volunteerism within Dubai’s business community, he added.

Launched in 2008 by Dubai Chamber of Commerce’s Centre for Responsible Business, ENGAGE Dubai is a programme that brings together businesses and community organisations in Dubai to increase the quality and amount of employee community engagement in their local communities.