Dr. Kapil Khurana: Pioneer of Cosmetic Dentistry in The UAE

 Dr. Kapil Khurana: Pioneer of Cosmetic Dentistry in The UAE

From a modest beginning in India to Moscow and now to UAE Dr. Kapil Khurana has come a long way. Having studied dentistry in Russia where he learnt the finer techniques of dentistry and polished his skills as a certified psychologist from Oxford (UK) with approach of individual smile regarding psychological portrait of individual. He is also a Member of IAS academy UK, ESCD (European society of cosmetic dentistry) AACD (American academy of cosmetic dentistry) and a certified specialist from “Styleitaliano”. In the city of Moscow he is an acclaimed authority on cosmetic dentistry. 

Dr. Kapil Khurana, Cosmetic Dentist

As Russia’s war in Ukraine drags on, more and more Russian professionals are moving to the cosmopolitan city of Dubai which is synonymous with the plush shopping malls, penthouses and which offers world class health care facilities. This has come as a blessing in disguise for the Russian patients who are visiting his facility in Moscow.

Vasujit Kalia in a tête-à-tête with the charming and versatile cosmetic dentist Dr. Kapil Khurana from Moscow who will be soon be available for consultations in Dubai following a huge demand from his Russian and CIS patients who wanted him here to cure their dental problems and improve their smiles.

You have traversed a long way can you throw some light on this illustrious journey, how difficult the journey was and what challenges you faced?

Ans. I finished BDS from Russia in 1997 and later on went on to do MDS in 2001. For a long time I worked as a dentist therapist and prosthodontist. Since 2013 I am engaged only in cosmetic dentistry.  

You ventured into the field of cosmetic dentistry decades back how have these sectors evolved over these years?

Ans. Cosmetic Dentistry sector across the world has evolved dramatically over last few years. The patients want quality services which were till a few years back lacking, seeing this demand I ventured into this field and went international.  Earlier the patients used to go in for braces and orthodontics but in today’s age cosmetic dentistry has given people a chance to improve their smile without using braces and Orthodontics.

Can throw some light on the latest technology which is being used in the dentistry currently?

Ans. Regarding health and longevity of tee earlier for doing more or less esthetic job the cutting of tooth should have been 1-1,5 mm from each side and the dentist was forced to go for RCT. Latest technologies allows us, to cut 0,3-0,5 mm or sometimes it’s possible to go for no-prep veneers which means that we can fix veneers without any cutting, which means that there’s no need for RCT and it’s very  good for the health of tooth.

You are known for your community service initiatives can please tell us more about few CSR projects which are close to your heart?

Ans. I believe in giving back to the society and I have been involved with a few CSR projects of late. I        have been associated with many charity organizations and conduct free dental check-ups for the poor and the needy patients across the globe. I have a charity find and it is named as The Charity Fund of Dentist Kapil Khurana Moscow. 

What is your USP?

Ans. I am a member of American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry (AACD) and European Society of Cosmetic Dentistry (ESCD). I have undertaken basic courses of physiology from Oxford. I perform miracle with a smile of patient without using braces within 3-4 sittings.    

For dental enquiries, please contact:

Dr. Kapil Khurana
Website: www.drkapil.ru

Personal no (WhatsApp): +7 905 902 9000 (Dubai Patients only)

Office no (WhatsApp): +7 951 591 9000