Celebrity skincare expert Nicole Zysk judges Fashion Factor season 5

 Celebrity skincare expert Nicole Zysk judges Fashion Factor season 5

Relentlessly carving a niche for herself internationally acclaimed skincare expert Nicole Zysk was on the Jury panel of fashion factor Dubai season 5 which was organized and managed by Marvels Events on June 24-25, 2023.

Nicole who caters to host of celebrity clients in the UK and is an authority on skincare was in Dubai to Judge the emerging designers.   

While interacting with the media at the sidelines of an event Nicole Zysk, Founder, Nicole Zysk Aesthetics said that The UAE remains a lucrative market for her and added, “The visionary leadership of this country has taken many steps to make UAE a global business hub. Few steps like allowing 100% foreign-owned businesses offering extended visas for entrepreneurs, providing funding and support for smaller businesses and attracting international businesses to the region. This has led to the entrepreneurs like me to come and explore the aesthetics market in The UAE.”

Nicole also spoke at length about the importance of Artificial Intelligence and Mobile Applications in the dermatology industry and said, “Artificial Intelligence has of late become an important area of research in dermatology. No doubt that AI has been accessible for a while now and has been used in the medical field its integration in dermatology is relatively new and limited but understanding of AI concepts has become critical for dermatologists now.”

Elaborating about her expansion plans, Nicole added, “We see a lot of potential in the UAE market, and have opened our new clinic in Dubai on September 2022. The primary goal of this expansion strategy is to introduce the most innovative techniques in stretch marks and scar revision including post-surgical scars, as well as the latest laser technology to treat various skin concerns ranging from any form of pigmentation and other complex skin deformity. The brand aims to upscale the market as it consistently provides high-quality service and experience to its customers. I am always receptive on working with government and private sector when a chance to do something comes up.”